Vision to Value

The operational framework to support scaling organizations

Vision to Value shares a framework for sustainably scaling tech organizations to deliver quality products at speed.

  • Structure tech operations from the ground up
  • Design processes to meet operational goals
  • Empower teams with smart processes
  • Optimize workflow to speed up production
  • Use strategy to realize company vision
  • Build efficient teams around goals and output

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Millions of startups launch every year, many going into accelerator and seed programs designed to help them make the crucial jump from idea to business. But, even with a minimum viable product, many go on to fail. What’s missing? The structure to scale growth in a sustainable and profitable way.

Vision to Value compiles the experience and strategy of startup co-founder Luis Gomes de Abreu in his journey to scaling Amsterdam-based Nmbrs, and the organization’s 10-year journey of growth. With a focus on building mindset, strategy, and formal structure to support increasing operations, the book works to bridge the gap between startup and a scaled organization.

Vision to Value Framework

Vision to Value introduces an operational model, its scope, and its impact on an organization. Featuring theoretical as well as practical information, the book lays the foundations for designing an organization around agility, scalability, and delivering value to the end-user. Strategy, tips, and ideas function to guide leaders in technical operations towards setting up product development structure, customer support, developing business processes, and organizing teams, while highlighting many of the issues contributing to organizational failure, and some approaches to solving them. 

Most importantly, Vision to Value focuses on designing structure, organizing teams, and creating an operational model designed to support growth – so that anyone can realize those ideas inside their own organization. 

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Book Outline

  • Part I – A Mindset of Growth
    • The Journey From Vision to Value
    • Your Role in the Process
  • Part II – The Vision to Value Framework
    • Introducing the Framework
    • Vision and Strategic Plan
    • Work Management
    • Process Management
    • People and structure
    • Data and Information Management
  • Part III – Structuring tech operations
    • Product Development
    • Development operations
    • Customer Support
    • Governance and Compliance
    • Alignment/Working with other departments
    • Continuous Improvement
    • You don’t do it alone – Partners and Suppliers

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