Vision to Value: Now Available on

Vision to Value Announcements

Vision to Value: Now Available on

Vision to Value is now available on The book, which delivers an operational model based on author Luis Gomes de Abreu’s 10 years of experience with his company Nmbrs, is published in ePub format on Kobo, and Mobi and U.S. Trade Paperback on Vision to Value is available in English, with an estimated read-time of 8-9 hours. 

Download Vision to Value on Here

Introducing Kobo or Kobo Rakuten is one of the largest distributors of eBooks and eReaders, with a global presence, physical retail locations, and a library of more than 5 million titles. books are available for any ePub eReader including Kobos own devices, Apple tablets, and most eReader applications. Kobos library currently comprises titles from Waterstones, Sony Reader, and the Borders eBook Store, as well as self-published titles. 

Global Distribution 

Kobo offers near-global distribution, meaning Vision to Value is now available in English in Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Brazil, new Zealand, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Mexico.

Luis Gomes de Abreu
Luis Gomes de Abreu is a tech entrepreneur, author, and CTO. In 2008, he co-founded payroll & HR software company Nmbrs, taking on tech operations as COO and as head of development. Along the way, he's launched other ventures such as Grappster and Wallylabs, participated in numerous startup initiatives, and is the author of Vision to Value.

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